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All information below is provided on a general basis. Each club will perform differently depending on a wide number of variables…the golfer’s swing, the shaft used and more. This is intended to provide a brief overview so that golfers can quickly differentiate between our products. If you have any questions we recommend that you contact us by either phone or email. We will always do our best to make sure you get exactly what you need for your golf game. Thank you!

Sub 70 Iron Models
Model Category Characteristics Suggested Handicap
739Game Improvement Higher Launch, More Distance, Most Forgiving15+
699Players DistanceModern Head Shape, TPE Injected Face, Max Ball Speed/Distance and Launch5-15
639 CBPlayers Cavity BackCavity Back Head Shape, Forged Soft Feel, Workable, Great Feedback0-8
639 MB PlusPlayers Muscle Back/Blade Blade Style Head, Forged Soft Feel, Longer Heel to Toe (compared to MB)0-8
639 MBPlayers Muscle Back/Blade Compact Blade Style Head, Forged Soft Feel, Ultimate Players Iron, Very Workable0-5
Sub 70 Fairway Wood Models
Model Characteristics
Pro FairwayLower Spin, Mid Launch, More Workable, Front/Rear Adjustable Weights
939X FairwayAdjustable Technology, Mid-High Launch, Low Center of Gravity, Game Improvement Design
Sub 70 Hybrid/Utility Models
Model Characteristics
939X HybridAdjustable Technology Higher Launch, Glides Through All Turf Conditions, Game Improvement Design
699U Utility/Driving IronMore Workable, Lower Spin, Lower Launch Than 939 X Hybrid