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Sub 70 Golf Help Faq

What is Sub 70 and how did we get started?
Sub 70 is a new, high end golf equipment company that will utilize a factory direct sales model. Our equipment will be made from the best materials available and will be hand built in Illinois. Our goal is to provide premium golf equipment at a reasonable price by removing advertising, distribution and retail markup costs.

How did Sub 70 decide to get into the club manufacturing business?
Our founder, Jason Hiland, has worked in the golf equipment industry for the last 25+ years and everyone involved with Sub 70 has an incredible passion for golf. We wanted to create great looking, distinct and elite quality equipment that we would want to put in the bag ourselves. At the same time, we wanted to offer those products to our friends and anyone else interested at a very fair price. We know it may be a bit of a niche product and we’re fine with that…but we’re very confident that anyone who gets involved with Sub 70 will love the products and the brand.

What sets Sub 70 apart from other manufacturers?
Through various connections in the industry we were able to design and create equipment that we think any serious golfer would be proud to play. The key is that because of our factory direct model we will be able to build, customize and supply those products to the player at a price far lower than anything a typical OEM can provide.

How does Sub 70 direct to consumer sales work?
The large majority of our sales will be online, although local customers are free to visit our facility in Sycamore, Illinois. Rather than sending our equipment to middlemen who add their own 20%-100% margin, we will sell everything directly to the end user. We will have a full sales staff that can address equipment or fitting questions by phone, email, through social media, etc. We will also offer 60 day money back guarantee. A demo program, where we send you a few options to test and determine which product is your favorite, may be available in the future as well.

Does Sub 70 have a fitting chart/ plan to get the proper equipment in the hands of their consumers?
We will have fitting guides and suggestions available online. Our sales staff will also be able to make recommendations based on some general information provided by the customer. We can also work off of local fitting data if the customer has been fitted locally. Jason will be happy to assist customers with any technical questions. His cell is 815 621 3556 or

Because Sub 70 is coming out with a “full bag” of clubs (drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, putters) do they have different versions of these clubs based on skill set/ handicap or are you targeting a particular class of player?
Absolutely. For example we will have several lines of irons when the clubs debut. A “game improvement” style iron, a cavity back, a muscle back, a two piece hollow head, etc. We truly believe that we will offer equipment that will work for and help players at any skill level. Scratch golfers to 20+ handicaps could game an entire Sub 70 bag with no issues whatsoever.

Where are the clubs built?
All clubs will be built when ordered in Sycamore, IL. Customers will be able to request specific length/lie adjustments and customized shafts, grips and other features. Nothing will be “stock”. Every set will be hand built and customized for each individual customer.

What is the turnaround time from order to consumer?
We have a full staff of 20+ which allows us to get orders sent out within 2-4 days of receipt.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee/ trial period/ return policy to reduce buyers reluctance to purchase from a direct to consumer without being able to test them at a pro shop first?
Yes, we plan on offering a demo program as well as offering a 60 day money back guarantee. We understand the hesitancy of trying new golf equipment and we will do everything we can to let people test Sub 70 for themselves without a major investment.

What is Sub 70’s opinion on Shafts?
Do they have their own or do they work with a preferred Shaft manufacture? For irons, mutliple shaft option will be available. The stock shafts in our woods will be True Temper Project X shafts that were specially designed for Sub 70 clubs. These are not “run offs” or rebranded Project X shafts. They are high quality shafts built specifically for Sub 70 with input from shaft experts at True Temper. We will have three profiles that we believe will fit almost any golfer. Aftermarket shafts will always be available as well.

If a consumer wants to give Sub 70 a try, what’s the best way for them to get started?
Contact us online (through our website or social media @GolfSub70) or by phone. We would love the opportunity to discuss the products with anyone interested. We look forward to sharing these products with other passionate golfers and are 100% confident that they will be impressed by the performance, overall quality and customer service provided by Sub 70.