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Sub 70 Golf Get Custom Fit

The Sub 70 online fitting tool allows each golfer to get the best possible fit quickly and from the comfort of their home. Using your personal measurements, the tool will provide custom specifications including club length, lie angle and shaft recommendations. If you have already been custom fit and would like to send us that information, please contact us at

Each product page will have a "Get Fit" button which will take you to our online custom fitting system. Just click the link, submit your information and review the results.

Once it is completed the fitting system will retain your fitting specifications for future visits to our site. You will be able to review that information at any time by clicking the "View Fitting" button or get another fitting by clicking "Get Fit" and putting in your information.

Please make sure to adjust your equipment specifications (length/lie) before adding products to the cart by clicking the "Customize" button.