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Demo 839D Driver Stiff Flex 9.5 Degree

Shaft: Sub 70 Project X Mid Launch 6.0
Men's Standard Length
Tour Velvet 360 Standard

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Each demo club will be packaged and sent out with a pre-paid return label. The golfer will have 10 days from the day the clubs are received to test the product. The equipment must be repackaged and sent back using the pre-paid label within that 10 day time frame.

The final cost to the player for this Demo Program is $20.00 which is used to ensure that the clubs are packaged and shipped properly. When completing the checkout process the golfer will be charged $220.00 for drivers and $120.00 for all other demo products. HOWEVER, upon return receipt of the clubs at our facility, golfers will immediately be refunded $200.00 for drivers or $100.00 for all other clubs.


The Sub 70 839-D Driver is strong, understated, and classic in appearance, rebuking the over the top aesthetics that have come to be synonymous with distance and power. We at Sub70 want to offer best in the world technology and manufacturing techniques without the need for kabooms and pows. Our driver is the culmination of that philosophy.

The 460cc Sub 70 839-D driver utilizes only the most expensive and performance driven manufacturing techniques available. The head is two-piece and casted, allowing for the fewest amount of welds in assembling the head. This is important because welds are heavy, and the lack of them allows us to strategically position weight around the head to create the most forgiving but workable driver on the market. The ultra thin titanium crown lowers the center of gravity of the head, which in turn reduces spin and increases the MOI to generate increased distance without sacrificing forgiveness. Further, while maintaining its classic looks up top, the 839-D Wood has a 12 way shaft adaptor that adjusts loft and face angle, as well as two interchangeable weight ports underneath to dial in your spin bias and launch angle.

The face of the driver is the culmination of years of testing, and though it costs more and takes additional time to manufacture, it performs. Sub 70's 4 Phase Face Technology utilizes four different face thicknesses throughout the face of the driver. In order to accomplish this, the titanium face must be precision milled to tolerances far above the average, but the result is worth it. The differing thicknesses at the heel, top, and bottom of the club provide maximum energy transfer and lower sidespin on mishits, essentially turning even a bad shot into a center strike, and missed fairways into cannon shots down the middle. Simply put, the Sub 70 driver is the paradigmatic demonstration of our mission to provide the highest quality, best performing handmade clubs at factory direct prices.

Loft 9.5° 10.5° 12°
Lie 58 58 58
Face Angle Adj Adj Adj
Head Weight 205 205 205
Standard Length Graphite 45.5" 45.5" 45.5"
Volume 455cc
Material 2041 Titanium
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