Do you need Lie Adjustment?

Lie angles are described as too upright, too flat or correct. A lie angle that is too upright will cause the ball to go left of the target and a lie that is too flat will cause the ball to go right of the target.

Whether or not a golfer needs to have the lie adjusted on their irons can be a tough thing to tell just by looking at measurements. In reality, the best scenario would be to have a golf pro or a trained club fitter look at a golfers swing and tell them whether or not lie adjustment is needed. However, there are some standard measurements that will work for a majority of golfers. Please use our custom golf club fitting tool to see what it recommends for your personal measurements.

If you are unsure about having the lie adjusted on your irons at this point, please keep in mind that the lie on your irons can be adjusted at any time by a club builder in your area or by sending them to Diamond Tour Golf to have the service performed. If you have any questions about lie adjustment or any other concerns regarding customizing your golf clubs please do not hesitate to contact our staff of trained golf professionals.